ENLP Case Study

The ENLP – formerly named the European Nutrition Leadership Programme, known today as the European Nutrition Leadership Platform – exists since 1994 and is the network of leaders in nutrition in Europe. ENLP wants to solve global nutrition and health problems to improve quality of life all over the world. Their mission is to establish the most powerful, independent and sustainable network of leaders in nutrition worldwide to train, educate and inspire the next generation and ensure a strong impact on nutrition and health. At the heart of ENLP is the yearly seminar in Granada which offers valuable leadership training and introduces new members into the network.

Leading up to their 20 year anniversary, Iconic helped the ENLP reevaluate their goals and activities as well as their overall efficiency, producing a full analysis of the organisation╩╝s structure, purpose and objectives. We created an efficient visual and corporate identity centered around the themes of leadership and nutrition as well as a detailed action plan for the coming years in order to meet concrete goals for increased success and growth of the network.

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