The must have. The bedrock for any communication. The articulation of your promise. The idea of what you stand for: the only possible words in the only possible order. Our strategies are driven by market insights and business analysis. We challenge and analyze our clients’ needs and desires. We interview, we research, we listen, we understand. Then we know what to do next.


Design gives shape to an idea. Without an idea, it’s just design.
Communicating the idea through visuals, words and behavior
is as important as the idea itself. We design the visual appearance of your product and define how it communicates. Our design is always based on your brand values and our branding process.


Keeping up with today’s speed of digital transformation is hard. We love to create unique digital platforms & experiences. We have built a digital startup inhouse. Since then we know what digital transformation means.

Rebranding a Bike Company

Our task: positioning, naming and re-branding of the US company NuVinci Cycling. We worked together with our partners from and won the the Bicycle Brand Contest 2018. Now the case is awarded for the German Design Award.


Your brand is fundamental to your business success. Being eye-to-eye with the business people creates value from the start. Define the purpose of your business:
not focusing on what it does but why it matters to people.
We like to work with disruptors and startups, helping their ambitious ideas to grow. And we like to invest in them.


Problem solving is at the heart of innovation.
We are interested in solutions that respond to human needs.
Innovations for the benefit of the people.

We turn innovative ideas into powerful brands.
Powerful brands create stronger businesses.


Culture: a universal human capacity.
It’s what makes us. It’s the background which we come from:
Art, music, literature.
We love projects with a cultural or social impact because: social relevance has business value!


Social relevance has business value.
It’s not a ‘nice to have’.

Businesses are stronger when their offer responds to a need in society.
When the offer changes behaviour and improves people’s lives.

Branding solutions
for a digital world

Iconic is your partner for brand development, brand strategy, brand management and branded content in a digital transforming world. We love to define compelling brand strategies, design powerful brand experiences and innovate new brand-led products and services. We love to create new communication ideas and execute integrated campaigns. We offer a wide range of brand services and accompany companies on their way from their first idea to an international brand. We like to challenge and be challenged, we talk no bullshit and we like to teach and be taught. There more we know about you, the better we create.
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