Communicating next philanthropy – Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen

Communicating next philanthropy

The Association of German Foundations is committed to enabling foundations to implement and realise their work and objectives more effectively, now and in the future. This includes efforts to improve the general conditions of foundation law and foundation tax law, and to foster a foundation-friendly climate.

The Association incorporates practice-oriented expertise into political decision-making processes and public reporting obligations. It represents the interests of more than 22,000 foundations in Germany. With over 4,300 members, it is the largest and oldest association of foundations in Europe. The association is the leading competence centre for foundations. The Federal Association is a strong and independent partner at the side of its members – and has been for 70 years.

What we did

To raise the profile the association decided to stage, we organized a traveling exhibition throughout eight cities in Bavaria. The goals were to showcase the work of the foundations in order to engage the public, to inspire them to participate, to explain how to set up a foundation and how to communicate the importance of the work involved to both public and private domains. ICONIC was responsible for brand development, corporate design, communications, exhibition, and events.

In order to communicate these initiatives in a more focussed way, Iconic developed a stand-alone brand ‘Stifterland Bayern’. The design execution was colourful and playful – in order to engage people of all age groups . The symbols making up the tree represents 9 different kinds of foundation – from culture to health and technology.

Iconic was responsible for the concept and design of the exhibition, all communication and marketing material as well as the launch event, where the Bavarian Head of State dedicated two minutes of his fifteen minute speech discussing the new logo and identity to an audience of 500 distinguished guests.

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