About Iconic – Welcome to Optimism

We are a branding agency

We develop and communicate brands. No matter what media, no matter which country.  We design brand experiences and focus on start ups, social, innovation and cultural businesses. We love to consult innovation strategies and co create new products. We help to build and strengthen your business in a fast changing world. We are experts in brand strategy, design, PR and communication.

Our branding approach

We believe there is a better way to build brands. Think about what people need not what you can deliver. Deliver the promise through your offering and behavior. Strengthen the positioning and promise through every touchpoint with the brand. This means for us: We are developing a brand positioning that will help to exploit the full business potential. Whether a start-up, a brand launch or relaunch, a merger or the fine adjustment of an existing brand – we make brands future-oriented.

The way we work

We are thorough and nimble. We get to the bottom of it quickly. Our credo of ‘reason meets imagination’ drives everything we do. We will work in close collaboration with you and in small iterations. We see ourselves as partners not as service providers. The more you will engage us the more value we can add. We love to use the brand as a tool for sustainable cultural change. And we love to co create this change with you.

What we believe

We believe that social relevance has an entrepreneurial value and business relevance. It’s not a ‘ nice to have ‘ . We believe that companies and organizations are successful when they cover a need in the society and when they make offers to change the behavior and improve people’s lives .

What we love

We love working with companies , organizations and institutions who want to achieve a positive change in people’s minds and their actions . We love projects with social relevance because : social relevance has business value!

What we can do for you

  • research and strategic brand positioning
  • holistic brand development and naming
  • scent branding and scent design
  • corporate identity- and design
  • marketing and digital communication
  • integrated communication campaigns
  • websites and online-communication
  • infographics and animation
  • environmental design