A new brand for the spatial communication company GD:group

Rebranding one of the ten largest spatial communication companies: GD:group

Our Task: Positioning, naming and rebranding.

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find. The GD:Group is one of the ten largest European spatial communication companies. Working with GD:Group means being able to rely on a fast, accurate and on-schedule implementation of the task. But the name and its visual appearance doesn’t fit to their quality. We were asked to help them developing a new brand.


Our Solution: a new name and a new brand with a focus on the origin.

Naming sometimes means finding an easy and memorizable solution. GD:group is located in Margraviate of Brandenburg, East Germany. The company works with a lot of well known brands. So why not combine the origin and the company focus on an easy and trademarkable name: MARKBRAND. In a co-creation process, we developed the brand values and started a rebranding process. Their focus on exceptional ideas in engineering and designing spaces, led to the perfect fitting typeface. The brand colors come from the love for handmade, warm and reliable materials, deeply rooted in the core of the company. We presented our solutions in a brand book for the new company Markbrand.


Services of the branding agency Iconic: brand values, naming, trademark testing, corporate identity, corporate design, design concepts, logo, typography, brand in space, design guidelines.

Design, Naming, Rebranding
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