Communicating car safety systems for DVR, BOSCH and DEKRA

Integrated Campaign for German Road Safety Council (DVR 2011-2015)

Automated and networked driving represents the future of mobility. As vehicles continue to become equipped with more advanced safety technologies and automated driving features, our roads can become safer. In 2011 we won a public pitch for DVR and the Transportation ministry for an integrated campaign to communicate road safety systems. The goal: communicating road safety systems in cars to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on German roads. Building awareness and communicate the benefits to younger audiences.

2017 were happy to win another prize for this project:
Our app and campaign website competed among 180 applicants and won the special prize “Innovation” as part of the IHK award 2017 of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lower Rhine (IHK ).
The competition was looking for innovative ideas like our smartphone app, the web app or local based services. The judge did not focus on the novelty of the presented products but on the innovation of the website itself, according to one of the jury members. The easy-to-understand video animations, which quickly and easily explain the driver assistance systems (FAS) shown, were praised.
The website convinced the jury because of the user’s benefit with a car safety systems database and a drivers profile test.
We are proud and happy to have accompanied this campaign for more than five years.

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