Brand communication for Microsoft® cloud

Positioning the new Microsoft cloud solution as a trustworthy and innovative technology solution.

Many Germans have a diffuse fear and therefore mental hurdles to cloud applications. Microsoft wants to change that. The central goal of the campaign should be to address these sensitivities and to dispel security concerns about the cloud in the relevant target groups or to provide basic information about cloud-based solutions.

With the cloud, Microsoft is already enabling modern and citizen-friendly administration, digital competitiveness and collaborative working in many areas. For the 2017 German Bundestag elections, the Microsoft cloud should therefore be communicated as a campaign platform in order to show decision-makers from politics and administration the potential of the cloud using examples of their constituents. Together with Burton Marsteller, we developed personas that were to communicate various problem areas of selected occupational groups within the framework of Microsoft’s brand communication.

By illustrating solutions for socio-political challenges in areas such as education, industry 4.0 or administration, we wanted to show decision-makers and their environment the concrete benefits of the cloud.

Animation, Design, Digital, Marketing