An icon system for a refugee camp

Icons for refugees

In 2015 Germany was facing thousands of refugees from different countries  – in Berlin the situation was particularly tense. The authorities hardly managed to control the chaos. The Senate saw no other way than to accommodate refugees in the sporting halls of schools and empty office buildings. In northern Prenzlauer Berg, two refugee shelters were set up in Storkower Straße that the agency owners wanted to support.

The accommodation had a capacity for about 470 inhabitants and accommodates many families with many children and some single travellers. They asked many questions, which were tried to answer for a long time with notes in different languages and partly contradictory information. Where am I here? Where is the doctor? Is the water drinkable? Where can I get medical care?

Iconic Branding designed an information system that offered orientation with the help of icons. The designers created icons to help explain the different locations and how to use them.

The aim was to create an easily printable template that the NGO-helpers could reproduce on site over and over again.

The icon set was built as a modular system consisting of icons, arrows and an explanation in four languages.

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