Creating a new museum brand for German Spy Museum Berlin

A new brand for the first German Spy Museum Berlin

In times of digital exposure and targeted surveillance by intelligence services the subject of espionage is more present than ever. Where once the wall stood and one of the last watchtowers is a contemporary witness, Germany´s only espionage museum, the Spy Museum Berlin has opened 2015 on over 3,000 m² in the heart of the capital of spies. The museum offers a unique insight into the shadow realm of espionage. Visitors explore the sophisticated to bizarre methods of this profession in a multimedia and interactive journey through time: from antiquity to the present – right in the capital of spies. The museum was built in close cooperation with ARS Electronica Solutions to a multimedia event location for the visitor. Cutting-edge technologies offer insights into the ingenious and sometimes bizarre methods of the of agents and intelligence agencies.

Iconic Brand Consulting won the pitch for the museum brand.

We were responsible for positioning and brand development, concept and design of various applications and the marketing campaign for the museum. Within one and a half year, we developed a compelling new Museum brand and communicated it through Berlin and Germany.

Unfortunately, the first owner went bankrupt. As a result of trademark disputes, the museum was extensively redesigned last year under new leadership.

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