About Ditto

From an idea born in a tiny Birmingham flat, Matt and Lee Parsons have helped over 60,000 artists distribute their music to a world-wide audience.

In 2006, Matt and Lee wanted to release their own music independently. By the time they set up a record label, worked out barcodes and ISRC codes, and finally managed to get their music distributed six months had passed. Their momentum stalled, their fans moved on, and their track limped into the charts at number 70. Their music career was over.

With this setback came the realization that thousands of other artists must be feeling the same sense of frustration. So, with their new found industry insights, Matt and Lee started releasing their friends’ music. Artists paid a small upfront fee to cover operating costs, but they got to keep all the rights to their music, and 100% of the money from their sales. It was a small operation, but it would eventually change the way the music industry did business.

In 2007 Matt and Lee were vindicated, releasing the first ever UK top 40 single by an unsigned artist when Koopa’s Blag, Steal, and Borrow entered the charts at number 32. Suddenly, Ditto was the hottest new music distributor in the world.

Since then, Ditto has released 11 UK top 40 singles – all from unsigned artists – and artists like Price, Paul McCartney, Finch, Suzi Quatro, Ed Sheeran, Maverick Sabre, Tupac, and Manfredd Mann have all partnered with Ditto to get their music into as many digital stores as possible.


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What we did:
Iconic advises Dittomusic to present themselves not only as service providers but as a partner and friend. This fact is an advantage compared with their competitors. This is underlined by the tagline “the human face in music distribution”.

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